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Routine EEG with video monitoringSleep Deprived EEGEEG with hyperventilation and photic stimulation24 hour Ambulatory EEG48 hour Ambulatory EEGSedation inducted EEG with Melatonin

Dr Hamid Modarres
Dr Mushriq Al-Khaya

10 Harley Street, LondonParkside Hospital, Wimbledon
Parkside Hospital, WimbledonPrime Health Centre, Weybridge

EMG/Nerve Conduction Study

EMG/NCS/Single Fibre EMGMagnetic StimulationQuantitative Sensory Threshold (QST)Visual Evoked Po10tial (VEP)Somatosensory Evoked Po10tial (SSEP)

Dr Santiago Catania
Dr Hamid Modarres
Dr Martin Schwartz
Dr Mushriq Al-Khayatt

10 Harley Street, London
Parkside Hospital, WimbledonSt Anthony's Hospital, London
Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon
Parkside Hospital, WimbledonClare Park Hospital, FarnhamPrime Health Centre, Weybridge

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Dr Shai Betteridge
Dr Claire O'Neill

10 Harley Street, LondonPrime Health Centre, Weybridge
10 Harley Street, LondonSt George's Hospital, London

Sleep Study

Ambulatory Respiratory Somnogram

Dr Farid Bazari

Parkside Hospital, WimbledonCoombe Wing, Kingston Hospital

Audiovestibular Investigation

Audiovestibular Investigation

Dr Borka CeranicDr Ewa Raglan

Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular RehabilitationNeck/back treatmentPosturography

Parkside Hospital, WimbledonPrime Health Centre, Weybridge

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WNC is committed to protecting our patients and our staff from the Covid-19. We are continually monitoring government guidelines and advice from Public Health England to ensure our industry takes a united approach in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients in tackling this virus.

WNC has developed a Virtual Therapy clinic that allows you to continue to access us for treatment that will allow you to continue with your rehab in the safety of your own home.

Our staff are working hard to ensure clinics continue as smoothly as possible, and with minimal disruption, so we can continue to assist and serve our patients through this difficult time. please contact our booking team on 020 3212 0830 or email us on

As the situation continues to develop we keep our patients updated. We will, of course, be returning to full operation as soon as it is safe to do so.

“We’ll meet again”

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