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Virtual Clinic

Due to the sudden need to social distance and home isolation WNC has developed a Virtual Therapy clinic that allows you to continue to access us for treatment that will allow you to continue with your rehab in the safety of your own home.

WNC Virtual Clinic is a creative forum where our team can review your development and advise you on how you can take control in improving your wellbeing.


WNC Virtual Clinic is a consultation treatment, access to Cognitive Assessment, Vestibular Physiotherapy as well as Clinical Psychotherapy treatment using a video call system instead of face to face therapy at our Clinic.


• A device such as a mobile, iPad, tablet, laptop or computer.

• An internet connection.

• A place for your device to capture the whole of you on the video and so you can see us.


Download the free ZoomApp or Skype it is simple to set up, click here: Zoom call guide

Your Therapist will send you a link to join your scheduled video appointment.


Dr Claire O’Neill
Bsc (Hons), DClinPsy, CPsychol, PgDip
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr O’Neill has specialist experience in the neuropsychological assessment of patients presenting with both acute and chronic neurological conditions and is the Principal Neuropsychologist for the Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Service at St Georges Hospital, London. She has a specialist interest in rare and young onset dementias. Dr O’Neill has been providing consultancy to Wimbledon Neurocare, London since 2011 seeing patients with a range of neurological conditions. Dr O’Neill has a keen interest in research and since 2013 she has been involved in 22 Multi-National Phase III clinical trials for patients with Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment. 

Specialist interest
Rare and young onset dementias.
Diagnostic Neuropsychological assessment.

General Interest
Neuropsychological assessment and management of cognitive difficulties in chronic and acute neurological conditions.


Sharon Berger-Collins

MCSP SRP, Clinical Specialist in Neurology & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Sharon qualified as a physiotherapist and quickly focused on neurological rehabilitation

Working closely with the neurology consultants and audiovestibular consultants to ensure patients received the best possible care.  She is trained in acupuncture and uses this as an adjunct to treatment of both neuro and vestibular patients. 

As a neurophysiotherapist, Sharon specialises in treating patients who have suffered an injury or disease affecting their central nervous system.  These can include stroke, multiple sclerosis, head injury and concussion, facial palsy, parkinson’s disease, brain tumours, spinal injuries, peripheral neuropathies, cerebellar degeneration, and many more complex neurological conditions.

As a vestibular physiotherapist, Sharon specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with inner ear disorders or central disorders which have an impact on their vestibular system.  These can include benign positional vertigo, vestibular neuronitis, labyrinthitis, semicircular canal dehiscence, meniere’s disease, migraine, concussion, schwannomas, and many other complex diagnoses which result in dizziness and imbalance.


Heidi Scandrett

Heidi is Experienced in the development of Counselling and Psychotherapy therapy, her

approach draws upon several distinct models of counselling including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to appropriately support the individual needs of the patient.  Therapy can provide a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings, allowing you to feel supported, valued and heard in a confidential setting. She incorporates tools and techniques taking into account the whole person in a holistic way which considers that the mind, body and emotions are interlinked.

Therapy can help you to gain control and realise your full potential by looking at your life in new and creative ways to support a healthy mind.

Specialises in

Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, trauma, illness, confidence and self- esteem, bereavement and loss, and work related issues, coping with change and conflict,

WNC is committed to protecting our patients and our staff from the Covid-19. We are continually monitoring government guidelines and advice from Public Health England to ensure our industry takes a united approach in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients in tackling this virus.

WNC has developed a Virtual Therapy clinic that allows you to continue to access us for treatment that will allow you to continue with your rehab in the safety of your own home.

Our staff are working hard to ensure clinics continue as smoothly as possible, and with minimal disruption, so we can continue to assist and serve our patients through this difficult time. please contact our booking team on 020 3212 0830 or email us on

As the situation continues to develop we keep our patients updated. We will, of course, be returning to full operation as soon as it is safe to do so.

“We’ll meet again”

Her Majesty the Queen May 2020