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Dr Borka Ceranic

Consultant in Audiovestibular Medicine

Special interest

Audiovestibular medicine (hearing and balance disorders)

General interest

Neuro-otology (dizziness and balance disorders); general disorders of the hearing system and cochlear implant assessment in adults and children; Ménière’s disease; tinnitus/hyperacusis and migraine-related hearing and balance disorders

Dr Borka Ceranic holds an MD and a specialty degree in Otorhinolaryngology from Belgrade, Serbia, as well as a PhD from University College London for her research on tinnitus and the role of cochlear emissions. In addition, Dr Ceranic has a specialty degree in Audiovestibular Medicine (CCST, London).

Dr Ceranic practices at NHS St George’s Hospital in London. In addition to her full-time clinical work, she is also involved in teaching (Educational Supervisor) and research. Her research interests include Ménière’s disease, Tinnitus/Hyperacusis, the effect of hormones on auditory function and the effect of migraine on audio-vestibular function. For her research she has been awarded the Thomas Simm Littler Prize from the British Society of Audiology.


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