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How to prepare for a Ambulatory Respiratory Somnogram

Before any appointment, you will be assessed by a Consultant Respiratory Physician who will review your symptoms, your co-existing medical problems and advise on the most suitable investigations for your symptoms. An Ambulatory Respiratory Somnogram is usually performed at home by a monitor you wear one night. The results will be interpreted and reviewed by the Consultant Respiratory Physician who will then recommend a personalised treatment plan at your follow-up consultation, usually within one week.

No specific preparation is needed but the below forms guidance to optimise results of the study.

  • Avoid or limit the use of tobacco, caffeine, and other stimulants before having the sleep study
  • Avoid alcohol and other sedatives on the day of the study as these can affect the quality of sleep and results
  • Remember to bring a list of all the prescription medicines you take on the day of the study and the consultations
  • Let your consultant know if you suffer from any allergies

For more detailed information, please download the leaflet.